Affordable Space Access
Enabling the opportunities space has to offer


We provide affordable access to and back from space with our fully and rapidly reusable rocket. Do you want to manufacture products in space or need a dedicated launch to bring things back from orbit?  We are the one you should get in touch with! Send an email to or use the tool below.

The second stage is the most important stage of the rocket. It will provide an infrastructure for manufacturing in space. It will also be able to bring it back to earth safely by landing under parashute. The maximum payload to orbit (when reusable) is 200 kg. The volume in the payload fairing is 0,8 cubic meter. The upper-stage can provide up to 1000W continuously to manufacture in space. 

Besides an infrastucture for manufacturing in space and the transportation service safely back from orbit, we do also provide on demand dedicated launches to your desired orbit. 

The first stage makes all our services possible and looks the following. The first stage will provide the main thrust by using a solid rocket motor. The stearing and propulsive landing however will be done by two liquid engines. This way the solid rocket nozzle can stay fixed. The propellant used for the first stage is the same as for the second stage, liquid oxygen (LOX) and kerosine (RP1).

The total height of the rocket will be 28 meter, the diameter of the solid propellant will be 1,6 meter and the diameter of the liquid fuel tanks & second stage base will be 2,2 meter in diameter. For more details, see the detailed overview of the rocket.