Facilitating In-Space Manufacturing 
Enabling the opportunities space has to offer


We provide an affordable infrastructure for manufacturing and research in space. As well as providing the transportation from space back to earth. We provide this infrastructure with our reentry capsule facility. The facility provides all the conditions necessary to perform your research of production activities. Such as temperature, pressure and atmospheric conditions.

Feel free to get in touch to find out how the space environment can help improve your company activities. Send an email to Info@A-SpaX.com or use the tool below. 

You can use the space environment to realize innovations by taking advantage of; microgravity, ultra-high vacuum, temperature differences, minimal vibrational disturbances and radiation. This unique environment influences processes that involve convection, sedimentation, buoyancy, rate of nucleation (phase changes), rate of aggregation (mixing), tissue aging, homogeneous growth, fluid static pressure and combustion, among others, are influenced.

This means innovations and quality improvements might be realized if your production or research activities involve; solidification processes, life sciences (such as lab on a chip (LoC), microbiology, protein crystallization, stem cells, tissue aging, botany, modeling of human diseases, fluidics, analyzing stessors and reproduction) or building/growth of 3D structures.

We provide an end-to-end service to let you perform your activities in space. From pre-launch all the way up to delivery, we arrange everything you need. This includes; determining the mission together, selecting and arranging the ideal launch provider, arranging the integration of you payload in our reentry capsule and on the launch vehicle, when launched into orbit we will start providing all the conditions your process needs (such as temperature, pressure and atmospheric conditions), we will monitor and control the activities from the ground and send the data back to earth in real time (video-feed optional), we will reenter the capsule with everything in it safely back to earth again, after picking the capsule up from the sea the payload/results and data will be delivered soon after.