Affordable Space Access
Enabling the opportunities space has to offer


Our goal is to enable the opportunities space has to offer for as many people as possible. This by providing affordable and fully reusable dedicated launches to and back from space. This is made possible by our unique design combination and use of cost-effective materials, components and production methods. 

By enabling the opportunities space has to offer, whole new innovations can be created. Innovations in the eath observation, space manufacturing, tourism, IoT, (internet) communication industry and so on. These innovations will improve life on earth and provide exciting possibilities in space. The way we look at it is; a innovation is a new combination of excisting ideas, until now we didn't had affordable access to microgravity, ultra high vacuum and the combination of these two for example, with this whole new innovations can be invented and can be added to the set of excisting ideas where even more new innovations can be created from!

This is the vision where A-SpaX (short for Affordable Space Access) stands for!